Don’t Panic. There is a Way Out In A Fire

by admin on March 8, 2011

A fire could trap you in your home, at work or any of the places that you frequent. That’s why it’s best to be prepared with a strategy for getting out of a building if you’re trapped due to a fire or other emergency situation. Here are some tips to commit to memory.

  • Think about your surroundings. Try to determine your whereabouts, whether you’ve been sleeping or not, and if it’s light or dark outside. This will help you strategize your escape.
  • Stay low. Although toxic fumes may not be visible, always drop to the floor in an effort to avoid them.
  • Activate a fire alarm or phone the fire department, if possible. Remember, it takes about three minutes for the fire department to respond.
  • Prevent smoke from entering the room by closing all doors and vents. Use wet towels or similar materials to plug open spaces where smoke could get through.
  • Escape through a window, if possible. If the window doesn’t open, break it with an object like a chair or flashlight, but don’t use your bare hand. If it’s safe to do so, climb out through the window. This is where an escape ladder comes in handy.
  • Use a flashlight to signal for help through a window. The flashlight’s beam could attract the attention of fire rescue professionals. Bang on the window, wave your arms or use other brightly-colored objects to get people on the outside to notice.
  • Shield yourself, but don’t hide. If you’re trapped in a room with no windows, move to the center of the room and stay low to the ground.
  • Listen for rescuers and their instructions. Yell loudly so rescuers can find you more easily. Do whatever it takes to ensure that the fire department and others know your whereabouts—pound on the floor, walls, air ducts, pipes or ceiling.
  • Pay attention, stay calm and don’t give up.

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