Take Out the Trash!

by admin on January 11, 2011

Tour a college campus at the end of a weekend of revelry, and you’ll probably witness plenty of trash. Both on and off campus, trash accumulates quickly when many people are living in close quarters. Cleaning personnel who dispose of the waste on a daily basis don’t typically work on the weekends. Consequently, the trash often accumulates in hallways and alleys, posing an increased risk for fire.

Parents should impress upon their college student the importance of properly disposing of trash. Remember, all fires need fuel and a source of ignition, and trash supplies both of those needs. Just think about the volume of old newspapers, class papers and take-out refuse that can quickly accumulate in dormitory rooms and off-campus housing. Students who are eager to rid themselves of the mess often pitch it carelessly, without thinking about the danger it poses. Add to that the fact that most campus fires are arson-related, and piles of trash are an easy target for these individuals.

Bottom line: don’t let combustible waste materials that create a fire hazard accumulate in campus buildings or structures. That means students need to be aware of every bit of waste, from the wastebasket in their room to the bag of trash someone hid in the stairwell. They need to be smart and diligent about proper waste disposal—especially on the weekends when it may not be a priority.

NIFAST offers a campus fire safety course for students. Don’t wait; visit NIFAST.org to enroll your son or daughter.

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