Christmas Tree Safety

by admin on December 14, 2010

Is all your of your Christmas Shopping done? Is your tree up? Do you still go out and find a real tree or do you have an artificial one? Remember!  Regardless if the tree is real or artificial they can burn if not properly maintained and placed. How fast can a trre burn? Check out the video! Follow these easy tips to make your tree safer:

Real tree

1. Make a fresh cut on the trunk and place it water within 6-8 hours.

2. Place it in a stand capable of holding the tree securely and an adequate water capacity -1 quart for each inch of stem diameter. (VERY IMPORTANT).

3. Check the water level daily and replenish as needed to maintain the water level above the bottom of the tree trunk.

4. Display tree away from heat sources that could cause the tree to dry out.

5. Use only listed lights that produce low heat.

6. Use only flame retardant decorations.

7. Never use candles on the tree.

8. Never use candles on the tree.

Artificial tree

1. Use low watt light bulbs made for indoor decorating only.

2. Never use outdoor lights on indoor trees.

3. Never use candles on the tree. Artificial trees are manufactured with plastic which can melt when exposed to excessive heat.

4. Read the labels. Trees may have a label stating they are fire resistive. This does not mean they are fire proof!

5. Use only flame retardant decorations.

6. Never use candles on the tree.

7. If your tree comes with lights attached make sure it is UL listed.

Terry FlanaganNIFAST Director of Training and Certification

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