Summer Grill Tips: Gas Grills

by admin on July 19, 2011

NIFAST Continues our Education on Grill Safety

While gas grills utilizing propane tanks tend to be a safe grilling method, they require a different set of safety measures. Recently near Las Vegas, a man was seriously burned because gas built up in the closed grill as he was preparing to light it. When lit, the built-up gas caused an explosion that blew the top off the grill, started a flash fire, and lit the man’s clothing on fire.

  • Always open the lid when preparing to light the grill to avoid gas build up. When you are finished grilling, don’t forget to turn off both the grill and the propane tank.
  • Never store propane tanks inside and always store a spare tank away from the grill, upright.
  • It is recommended that the connections and hoses be checked at the start of the season, after the grill hasn’t been used for a while, and intermittently in between. To test the hoses, supply lines and connections for leaks, apply a light solution of water and soap.
  • Occasionally clean out grease and fat buildup from trays and traps beneath the burners to avoid grease fires.
  • Check the hoses that lead to the burners for blockages due to insects, spiders and grease and use a pipe cleaner or other wire to push the blockage through to the main part of the burner.
  • Also check hoses for brittleness, cracks, holes and leaks by using a light soap and water solution. Escaping propane will cause bubbles where it is leaking. These issues should be repaired by a professional.
  • Never keep a container in a hot car or trunk as the heat will cause the pressure to rise and then the relief valve may release gas into the car.

Finally, if you smell gas while grilling, get away from the grill and call the fire department. Do not attempt to move the grill.

What safety tips do you follow during grilling season?

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