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by admin on February 21, 2012

NIFAST  is organized to dramatically improve fire safety standards and results. NIFAST was formed with one mission in mind: to provide for safer lives. It is our goal to roll out our programming into four key areas:

  •  NIFAST Home Inspectors Program: Through our home inspectors network and associated relationships, we hope to outfit every home inspector with fire safety tools and techniques to update home occupants with an updated fire safety profile (both residential and commercial).
  •  NIFAST Flashpoint Program: With our campus programming, NIFAST provides a fully scalable education and training program that will enable every student the opportunity to become educated about safer practices, both on and off campus. Request a Flashpoint demo.
  •  Home Occupancy Program: Our home occupancy program allows every resident the opportunity to take our program, and then be tested for accuracy and mastery of fire-safe techniques.
  •  Fire Safety Training Program: Our fire training services allow our certified fire safety resources to be deployed to any company or facility in order to facilitate a train-the-trainer approach and to help keep current with NFPA code regulations.

These four key areas have become the core of the NIFAST program. Contact us to find out how NIFAST can help train you to be fire safe.


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