Fighting Fire with Awareness

by admin on January 24, 2012

The following post by Terry Flanagan appeared here on November 12, 2009

University of Delaware student takes NIFAST fire training

Proactive. This word is used frequently. As I was tasked to come up with online residential and off campus housing fire safety courses that word stuck in my head. As I poured over the statistics from 1999-2007 and saw the number of deaths, injuries, and damage in the residential arena (2,920 deaths in 1999, 2,895 in 2007), I realized we were missing something. Why are we always looking backwards and assessing horrible fire statistics after the tragedy occurs, instead of trying to be more proactive to prevent these terrible tragedies in the first place?

There are many sites that talk about what to do in the event of a fire, about having a plan, and practicing it. But very few that talk about HOW TO PREVENT FIRES.

NIFAST’s motto is “Fighting Fire with Awareness”. The key is prevention! Educating residents, teaching college students what hazards to look for and believe it or not, how to safely host a party! Education and knowledge are the keys to safer lives!

The NIFAST online courses are comprised of three sources that are comprehensive, easy to read, and yes, proactive. At NIFAST we strongly believe that the best way to drive down the number of people who lose their lives in residential and off campus fires annually is to prevent the fires in the first place. The key to this is to be proactive in educating the occupants. Our online courses do exactly that! Please continue to follow us as we help residents, home inspectors and college students arm themselves with the right fire safety education. The time is now to be proactive about updating your fire safety profile. Please join in our efforts to help provide for safer lives!

UPDATE: Visit the University of Delaware website for more information about how the University of Delaware is using the NIFAST training program.

Terry Flanagan  NIFAST – Director of Education and Certification

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